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The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has rescinded the water boil order.
Unionville & Putnam County are no longer under a water boil order. A heartfelt THANK YOU to the many who helped resolve the issue.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has lifted a Boil Water Order/Boil Water Advisory for Public
Water System: Unionville
MO#: 2010804 Location: 1611 Grant Street
County: Putnam Date Lifted: 7/28/21
The Boil Water Order/Boil Water was lifted after test results from water samples taken on
were clear of contamination, indicating that the water is again safe for drinking.
The order was issued on 7/9/2021 because
The public water system exceeded the maximum turbidity level standard. When the turbidity standards are
exceeded, it indicates that a treatment plant’s operation is inadequate and that the microbiological quality of
the water dispensed to the public may have been compromised.
For more information, contact the public water system at
or the Missouri Department of Natural Resources'
Northeast Regional Office at 660-385-8000