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 You’ve  lost the map. It’s been an hour since the last big town. The grass is looking  slightly brighter than usual. There are cows to your left grazing in a  pasture.  You pass a small white country  home with a barn to the side. There are kids playing in the yard. You look up  ahead to find a small sign in the midst of the tall cornstalks. It sits there  glistening in the mid summer morning dew, as if waiting for you personally,  begging you to read the message it has for you. Welcome to Unionville,  Missouri. 
                If you look past the old  historical buildings and you will find green pastures splashed with golden hill  tops. Unionville is a small rural town where everybody knows everybody.  Bored? Go have a picnic at the Unionville  public park. You’ll find a public pool along with swing sets and slides for the  kids.  Or maybe you’re looking for  something a bit more adventurous.  If so,  then take a camping trip to Lake Thunderhead.  Perhaps you’re more of the social type; the  state renowned Putnam County Fair would be perfect for you. None of the above  fit your qualifications? Then go for a calm golfing trip at the flourishing  Unionville Country Club. Whether you’re looking for a calm peaceful place to  settle down or a place to make your life new and different every day,  Unionville, Missouri is the place for you.