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UPDATE 2/18/2021

From The City of Unionville and Mayor Pittman.

Our electric situation has appeared to resolve itself at this time. The gas situation has stabilized but we are not out of the woods yet and appreciate your cooperation as we move forward.

Subject: CRITICAL UPDATE - 2/17/21

It seems the rest of the Midwest is catching up to what we’ve been sharing with you for several days! Multiple utilities across the entire Midwest are telling their customers to conserve now. Here is the latest update. While the grid is improving it has a long way to go. Multiple power utilities have instituted rolling blackouts. The cold weather pattern remains firmly in place. Some of you may go above freezing for the first time in weeks soon. Numerous natural gas processing plants are still offline and slowly returning, but not nearly fast enough. Prices will remain at extremely high levels for the next several days at this point even if it warms up! Natural gas traded for $1,000/dth in Oklahoma yesterday. We saw PEPL trading open at $999, but luckily fell to close below $200, but that price is still ridiculous. The natural gas system across the Midwest has and will continue to see supply cuts impacting some or potentially all of you. It is impossible at this point to determine where the future gas production losses will occur. Please continue to do everything you can to limit usage through the weekend to the extent possible. We recommend that you request that thermostats should be set BELOW 68 degrees, shut down schools, request industrials and commercial businesses STOP production and turning down thermostats at all businesses to the extent possible. We’re actually seeing more pipelines institute restrictions since storage levels are low on so many pipelines. Please do EVERYTHING you can to reduce natural gas consumption immediately. There is a chance if you take this action that you will minimize the financial impact and possibly eliminate the entire financial impact to your utility. We just have to make it through the next few days. Failure to comply could result in thousands of dollars of incremental penalties. This is an unprecedented event NEVER seen before in the natural gas business. For those of you with storage if it is nearly depleted we WILL have to buy on the market….prices ranged from $20 - $250/dth yesterday. If you and your customers follow the guidelines stated it is hopeful we can get through the weekend without depleting storge entirely and hopefully refill at a minimum under $10/dth which is still triple your cost! WE MUST STAY FOCUSED…




For those who have already made adjustments you are making a difference. Keep up the good work! Some of your customers will notice it warming up above freezing and think this is over, but even at freezing we still have to buy gas on many pipelines to prevent penalties due to OFO’s and other pipeline limitations.